Community Advisory Committee

4.9  Community Advisory Committee.  The Board shall establish a Community Advisory Committee consisting of nine members, none of whom may be voting members of the Board.  The function of the Community Advisory Committee shall be to advise the Board of Directors on all subjects related to the operation of the CCA Program as set forth in a work plan adopted by the Board of Directors from time to time, with the exception of personnel and litigation decisions.  The Community Advisory Committee is advisory only, and shall not have decision-making authority, or receive any delegation of authority from the Board of Directors.  The Board shall publicize the opportunity to serve on the Community Advisory Committee, and shall appoint members of the Community Advisory Committee from those individuals expressing interest in serving, and who represent a diverse cross-section of interests, skill sets and geographic regions.  Members of the Community Advisory Committee shall serve staggered four-year terms (the first term of three of the members shall be two years, and four years thereafter), which may be renewed.  A member of the Community Advisory Committee may be removed by the Board of Directors by majority vote.  The Board of Directors shall determine whether the Community Advisory Committee members will receive a stipend and/or be entitled to reimbursement for expenses.

The current CAC members are:

  • Rev. Ken Chambers, West Side Missionary Baptist Church, Oakland
  • Anne Olivia Eldred, California Nurses Assoc./ National Nurses United, Oakland
  • Nick Gigliotti, IBEW 595 – JATC Alameda County, Pleasanton
  • Cynthia Landry, SEIU Local 1021, Oakland
  • Megan O’Neil, Local Clean Energy Alliance, Oakland
  • Monica Padilla, Environmental/Energy Advocate and Ratepayer, Fremont
  • Kenneth Platt, Borrego Solar, San Lorenzo
  • Subin DeVar, Sustainable Economies Law Center, Fremont resident
  • Chuck Rames, Environmental Advocate and Clean Energy Business, Castro Valley