Existing Programs

Community Choice programs are already working successfully in several Bay Area counties and beyond, all of which offer a higher percentage of renewably sourced energy than PG&E. All offer a 100% renewable option for a small premium. PG&E’s basic package offers 30% renewably sourced energy. Below is a sampling of renewable content and rates for residential customers from the ever increasing number of statewide Community Choice programs.


Serving Base Renewable % Price vs Utility Premium for 100%
MCE Clean Energy Marin, Napa, and parts of Contra Costa County 52% same 1 cent/kWh*
Sonoma Clean Power Sonoma County and Mendocino County    36%** ~2% below 2.5 cents/kWh*
CleanPowerSF City and County of San Francisco 40% same 2 cents/kWh*
Peninsula Clean Energy San Mateo County 50% ~5% below 1 cent/kWh*
Lancaster Choice Energy City of Lancaster, CA 35% ~1% below $10 flat rate
*Premium above their default offering, for 100% renewably sourced energy

**Ramping up to 50% renewables by 2020