Alameda County and 11 of its cities have formed the East Bay Community Energy Authority, the non-profit public Agency that will govern the new Community Choice program.

The Board of Directors for the new Agency is composed of elected officials representing each of the participating cities and the County. The Board will set rates and determine the mix of power sources. You can view a copy of the final Joint Powers Authority agreement here.

EBCE will be locally controlled and ratepayer supported, with no taxpayer subsidies. By law, as a Joint Powers Authority, EBCE can only be funded through program revenues. Its budget is completely separate from the general funds of participating local governments.

Revenue returns to the program and is passed on to customers in the form of stable, competitive rates, incentives for solar installations, local renewable projects and customized programs such as energy efficiency services and rebates.

EBCE submitted an Implementation Plan to the California Public Utilities Commission, the entity that regulates all California energy providers. The Plan, which discusses rate design, how EBCE will buy electricity and how we will carry out all the functions the CPUC requires, was certified by the CPUC in early November. Before launch, EBCE will negotiate the price of electricity on the open market and adhere to all CPUC rules and tariffs.

We are building a small staff to run day-to-day operations and provide customer support. The entire process is completely transparent, with all Board meetings open to the public.