Local Benefits

EBCE will be a locally controlled nonprofit Joint Powers Authority, benefiting Alameda County residents and businesses.

Competitive Rates

EBCE intends to provide cleaner electricity at rates competitve with PG&E. Rates will be established by the EBCE Board of Directors in late 2017. Net revenue (after buying power and administrative expenses) can be used to maintain stable, competitive electricity rates, offer incentives, and provide other benefits to its customers.

Stable Rates

EBCE will also strive to provide more stable pricing, helping businesses and residents better plan their budgets. While PG&E rates change several times a year, existing local programs have generally changed rates only once a year. That stability makes it easier to determine household or business electricity expenses.

Local Investment

Revenue can also be used to:

Provide larger incentives for more local solar installations
Provide rebates and incentives for energy efficiency programs
Develop more local renewable energy sources in Alameda County
Invest in innovative clean technologies and energy-related job training.

MCE Clean Energy, for example, has already invested over $500 million in state and local renewable energy projects that have created over 2,400 construction and vendor jobs, with more on the way.