EBCE will provide a high percentage of electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal—which do not pollute or produce greenhouse gases. Choosing a power provider that places a priority on renewable, zero-carbon energy is an easy, economical way to reduce your home or business carbon footprint and help accomplish your climate action goals.

EBCE will buy the same amount of electricity that its customers use and feed it into California’s electric grid on their behalf. When the electrons hit the grid, no one can determine where each individual electron goes. It’s like when you deposit $100 into one ATM and later take it out of another ATM. It’s not the same $100, but it is your money. The advantage of EBCE is that the electricity we put into the grid will be more carbon-free and renewably sourced than what PG&E is putting into the grid.

What makes EBCE so powerful is that it supports clean energy market competition in three ways:

  1. For the first time, consumers will have a choice of energy providers.
  2. EBCE buys power through a competitive process that encourages private energy companies to provide more clean, renewable power at lower costs.
  3. This competition also leads PG&E to improve its own offerings – both in terms of cost and level of renewables.