PG&E Partnership

While EBCE will buy electricity from power providers, PG&E will continue to deliver the electricity to homes and businesses over its existing power poles and lines, just as it always has.

PG&E crews in their distinctive blue trucks will still maintain and repair the lines as needed.

PG&E will also send bills and provide customer service. The difference you will see is that your bill will show that your electricity is coming from EBCE. The transition will be seamless; you’ll receive the same electric service and reliability as before, with no interruption.

Those who prefer to have PG&E continue to buy their electricity can choose that option. During the EBCE launch period, customers will receive at least four enrollment notices about how to “opt out” of EBCE (and remain with PG&E): by mail, phone or on this website. For two months before launch and two months after the program begins there’s no charge to opt out and elect to remain with PG&E. After the initial launch, customers can return to PG&E at any time for a small fee.