Power Portfolio

EBCE’s power portfolio will be determined by the EBCEA Board of Directors and Agency staff. This is likely to occur in late 2017.

Our technical study analyzed four possible power mix scenarios and developed an estimate of what each would cost in comparison with PG&E.

  1. 33% renewable power sources 
    7% lower rates on average
  2. 50% renewable power sources 
    6.5% lower rates on average
  3. 50% renewable power sources, ramping up to 80% within five years 
    3% lower rates on average
  4. 50% renewable power sources with 25% of that renewable power being generated in or near Alameda County.
    1% lower rates on average

At least two Alameda County cities are considering a 100% renewable default product that would be competitive with PG&E rates.

PG&E’s basic product currently offers electricity sourced from about 30% renewables.