2019-2020 Integrated Resource Plan

Integrated Resource Planning in California is a biennial process in which the California Public Utilities Commission requires load-serving entities (LSEs) to detail the procured and planned resources in their portfolio, along with the associated tactics and timelines, to ensure California has a safe, reliable, and cost-effective electricity supply that is on track to meet state-wide targets for electricity sector greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

EBCE is in the process of analysis and compilation for the 2019-2020 IRP Process. A group of CCAs – namely, EBCE, Clean Power Alliance, Peninsula Clean Energy, and San Jose Clean Energy – is working with Siemens Energy Business Advisory to model and analyze procurement options across the CCA group.  Though the knowledge gained by its joint analysis with the group of CCAs, EBCE will eventually develop its own individual IRP.

To enable and encourage stakeholder engagement in the IRP process, please be aware of the following resources and timelines for the current 2019-2020 IRP filing process. To ensure webinar scheduling does not preclude participation on the basis of availability, we will have a Question/Comment period during which review and response can be made by emailing IRP@ebce.org.

  • 12/18/19 – IRP Process Overview (some IRP parties in attendance)
    • Slides
    • Recording
    • Question/Comment Period – 12/11/2019 through 1/15/2020
  • Jan/February Webinar – Findings Review
    • Registration (date and link to be set)
    • Slides (to be available after webinar)
    • Recording (to be available after webinar)
    • Question/Comment Period – (to be set once webinar is scheduled)
December 18, 2019Webinar to provide IRP process overview, share modeling assumptions
January 2020Aggregated model and analysis wraps up
February 2020Webinar to review model outputs and recommendations
February 2020Disaggregate model, develop IRPs for each CCA
March 2020EBCE community meeting(s) to discuss draft EBCE IRP
April 2020Finalize IRP Filing
May 2020Filing deadline

Note: timeline subject to change


General resources and background information on the Integrated Resource Planning and Long-Term Procurement Planning can be found on the CPUC website, as well as the past and current reporting cycle documents: