High Natural Gas Prices Drive Up Winter Bills

Many customers are experiencing a higher PG&E bill due to charges for natural gas. Natural gas is a PG&E service and is a part of your PG&E bill. EBCE does not sell natural gas.

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Local sponsorships

Non-profits can apply for up to $2,500

Fertile GroundWorks’ mission is to empower and teach communities to grow nutritious food, organically and sustainably. EBCE is proud to support their mission. Apply for a local sponsorship by March 31st.

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The East Bay is leading the transition to clean power.

Our communities launched a public power agency in 2018 to provide greener energy, low rates, and local community benefits.

EBCE is on a path to provide 100% carbon-free electricity to all customers by 2030. Some of EBCE’s member cities have taken the bold action of transitioning customers in their jurisdiction onto 100% renewable energy service immediately, to accelerate the reduction of emissions and hasten the investment in wind, solar, and battery storage projects.

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We’re making a difference.

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$19 million annual customer savings vs. what would have been paid for PG&E service

1,015 megawatts of new wind, solar, and battery storage, including projects in Alameda County

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$21 million spent on local programs such as battery energy storage, induction cooking, and electric heat pump water heaters

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Get solar and energy storage at home

Protect your family during power outages with backup energy storage.
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Save energy. We can help.

EBCE programs are helping East Bay businesses and municipalities save money, lower their carbon impact and protect against power outages.

Keep your business humming with backup energy storage

Avoid power outages and supply clean energy for your building or business with rooftop solar and a local battery backup.
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