The goal of EBCE’s Battery Energy Storage Demand Response (BES-DR) pilot program is to help directly benefit all customers by reducing energy costs, especially during times of peak energy demand like hot summer days, while also increasing reliability. EBCE aims to achieve this goal by offering operators and aggregators of BES systems the opportunity to receive compensation in exchange for responding to price signals during peak demand events that deliver immediate value to the electric system.


Participants must enroll at least 25kW/50kWh of aggregate BES system capacity into the pilot program. This minimum capacity requirement may be met by a single BES system or a portfolio of BES systems. BES systems may be eligible to participate in the pilot program whether they are enrolled in Bright Choice, Brilliant 100, or Renewable 100 service. EBCE will offer pilot participation to service agreements on all rate schedules in our service area and will review customer Service Agreement IDs (SAID) to confirm eligibility.

How it Works

Participants will receive a notification from EBCE to discharge BES systems during peak demand events. At the end of the pilot program, EBCE will compensate participants for the energy (kWh) delivered during these events that is in excess of normal BES system operation. Participants are not required to respond to every peak demand event called but will only be compensated for delivered energy.

Participants will be required to provide EBCE with BES performance data for peak demand event days and for similar non-event days to allow EBCE to generate a baseline. Demand Response (DR) events will be compensated per kWh delivered, as compared to asset discharge during a sample of similar non-event days. Energy delivered in response to an event in excess of normal BES system operation will be compensated at $100/MWh.

Noticing About Event Days​

The BES-DR pilot program will run from June 1 to October 31, 2019. Up to forty-five (45) peak demand events may be called during that time. When an event is called, EBCE will provide notice to participants via email, text, or OpenADR to increase BES system discharge rates. Participants will be required to respond within one (1) hour, if participating in event. Events may last up to four (4) hours and may occur at any hour of the day.


Inverter AC output meter data will be accepted by EBCE for BES system discharge accounting. Participants will provide EBCE with BES battery metering data for participating assets on a monthly basis during the program.


BES system operators/aggregators must obtain end-customers’ consent to participate in the pilot program and will be responsible for all end-customer enrollment and communications.


Enrollment in EBCE’s BES-DR pilot program will open May 15, 2019 and close on October 1, 2019. Participants need not be enrolled by the program start date (June 1) in order to participate in the pilot program.

Enrollment Form

To apply for enrollment in EBCE’s 2019 BES-DR pilot program, participants must complete the Enrollment Form above by October 1, 2019. Terms and Conditions for the pilot program also appear below. EBCE will send a confirmation email after completed Enrollment Forms have been screened for eligibility:

  • Must be a customer in EBCE service territory;
  • Must provide all requested information;
  • Must meet minimum BES system capacity and be capable for responding to peak demand events;
  • Must enroll by October 1, 2019;
  • Enrollment limited to 20 participants.