As a business leader and influencer in your community, you help make Alameda County shine brighter. EBCE offers a local choice for more affordable, renewable energy your business can rely on. Starting June 2018, you will be automatically enrolled in EBCE and have access to cleaner energy and lower rates. And what’s great is, you don’t have to do a thing!

Our energy service options allow you to make a choice that benefits your bottom line. Your business benefits from EBCE’s lower rates and is also recognized for contributing to a local, green community. Additional services may be added in the future. You can also choose to opt-out and return to PG&E at any time.

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EBCE Bright Choice product logo

Bright Choice

  • Bright Choice is our standard electric service.
  • Many businesses will automatically enroll as Bright Choice customers in June 2018.
  • Bright Choice offers cleaner energy at a 1.5% discount to current PG&E rates.
  • Your electricity will come from more renewable sources with lower carbon content than PG&E without having to pay more.
EBCE Brilliant 100 product logo

Brilliant 100

  • Brilliant 100 is for those who want to double down for the environment and power their business with 100% carbon-free energy.
  • Customers within the cities of Albany and Hayward will be enrolled in Brilliant 100 automatically at the start of service. These customers can opt down to Bright Choice.
  • Brilliant 100 is offered at the same price you already pay with PG&E.

EBCE’s Demand Response Pilot Program

Customers participating in PG&E’s Peak Day Pricing (PDP) demand response program will no longer be eligible for PDP after they transition to EBCE generation service. EBCE is offering our large commercial E19 and E20 account holders the opportunity to participate in our own Demand Response Pilot program. The Demand Response Pilot program will match the PDP program structure and incentives, while providing rate protection for participants. Details available here.

There are also many 3rd party providers of Demand Response programs in California, and EBCE customers are welcome to participate in those programs while remaining on EBCE service.


Your community is counting on you; power your business with clean energy from EBCE!

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