Bill Protection for Time-of-Use Rates

In May 2021, most residential electricity customers in Alameda County were placed on Time of Use rates as part of a statewide transition to support more renewable energy. The transition included a year of bill protection, which has now concluded.

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Upgrade to clean power appliances

Father holding daughter in arms while holding a pan above an induction stove.

Upgrade your home appliances to cleaner, low-carbon alternatives. When you do, you’ll improve health and safety, reduce overall carbon emissions, and save money. EBCE connects you with resources and programs to simplify the transition to a healthier home.

Get cooking with induction

Provide a safer, healthier kitchen for your family by cooking on an all-electric cooktop powered by clean, renewable energy.

Mother and daughter cooking food on their home induction stove.

Heat your water with clean energy

EBCE is proud to partner with several local agencies to reduce installation costs for heat pump electric water heaters. These high-efficiency heaters reduce carbon emissions, heat water effectively, and help maximize the use of clean, renewable energy.

Woman washing dishes in her kitchen sink.

More resources about electrification

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