Understanding Your Business Bill

While East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is now procuring the electricity you use, PG&E will continue to provide billing and other services.

April 2020 update: EBCE has updated the way we display our information on the bill. We think you’ll like this new method, as it makes it easier to see your savings. Until we have updated the information on this page, please give us a call at 1-833-699-EBCE (3223), send us a chat, or email customer-support@ebce.org with questions about understanding your bill.
  • PG&E will no longer charge you for electric generation. EBCE now procures electricity on your behalf. This is not an additional fee. EBCE charges replace charges you would have paid PG&E.
  • PG&E will continue to charge for electric delivery—the transmission and distribution of your electricity – as well as required regulatory and program charges at the same rate for all customers, regardless of the service provider. To learn more about your PG&E energy statement visit pge.com.
  • PG&E fees specific to Community Choice Energy Programs are factored into EBCE’s rate setting process. Therefore, the total amount you pay on your PG&E bill will be less than (for EBCE’s Bright Choice service) or equal to (for EBCE’s Brilliant 100 service) what you would have paid PG&E for generation service.

The sample bill that follows is based on an A-10 rate schedule for a large commercial customer.

To download a PDF version of the sample commercial bill, visit the document library.

To compare your EBCE charges to what you would have paid PG&E for generation service:

  • Sum the EBCE Net Charges (#14), Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (#9), and Franchise Fee Surcharge (#10). Those are your new charges.
  • Compare that total to the Generation Credit (#8). This is the amount PG&E would have charged for their generation service based on your monthly use, but instead they credit you back that amount.
  • For this customer on EBCE’s Bright Choice service, the comparison is as follows: Generation Credit = $12,094.19 while total charges = $2,412.58 + $63.64 + $9,436.76 = $11,912.98, which is the $181.21 less than the Generation Credit. So this customer saved $181.21 this month from EBCE service.

If you have any questions about your electric bill, you can contact EBCE’s call center at 1-833-699-EBCE (3223).

        1. Account Number

          You will need this number if you change your EBCE service level (Bright Choice, Brilliant 100, or Renewable 100) or opt out of EBCE service.

        2. PG&E Delivery Charges

          This is PG&E’s charge to deliver electricity over their transmission lines, maintain infrastructure and
          other fees to support customer service and billing.

        3. EBCE Electric Generation Charge

          This charge covers EBCE’s cost of purchasing clean electricity for customers.

        4. Total Amount Due

          This is the total amount you pay to PG&E, conveniently on one bill for services provided by both PG&E and EBCE.

        1. Your Electric Charges Breakdown

          This is the summary of charges from electric generation, distribution and other fees, taxes and programs that fund regional or statewide programs such as assistance and efficiency rebate programs.

        1. Service Agreement ID

          A service agreement documents your particular arrangement with PG&E (including billing days, metering information, and other factors) in order to calculate applicable charges. For customers with multiple meters under a single PG&E account, each meter will have a unique Service Agreement ID number.

        2. Demand Charges

          EBCE’s 1.5% discount with Bright Choice service also applies to the generation-related demand charges.

        3. Generation Credit

          This is the generation fee now provided by EBCE’s generation service, so PG&E credits this charge back to your account to avoid any duplication of generation fees. The credit is what PG&E would have charged you for electricity.

        4. Power Charge Indifference Adjustment

          PG&E charges EBCE customers a Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA), which is calculated based on the number of kilowatt-hours used each month. The PCIA is intended to ensure that EBCE customers pay the difference between what PG&E paid for power contracted to serve them prior to their switch, and the current market value of that power. The PCIA charge is factored into EBCE’s rate setting process.

        5. Franchise Fee Surcharge

          The Franchise Fee is collected from PG&E to cover costs associated with rights to use public streets to provide gas and electric service. The franchise fee is factored into EBCE’s rate setting process.

        6. Utility Users’ Tax

          The Utility Users’ Tax varies from city to city, and may not apply to every community in our jurisdiction. If your business or residence is already subject to this tax, you will continue to pay it as a EBCE customer.

      1. ESP Customer Number

        This is your Energy Service Provider (ESP) Customer number for EBCE.

      2. Rate Schedule

        This is your rate schedule determined by PG&E.

      3. Net Charges

        This is the amount EBCE collects. Other fees found here, including the Energy Commission Tax and sometimes a local Utility User Tax, are paid by all PG&E customers so should be excluded from the comparison.

      4. Energy Commission Tax

        This fee is collected on behalf of the California Energy Commission and applies to all customers, regardless of service provider. The California legislature established the Energy Commission tax in 1975. The tax provides additional funding for the California Energy Commission.