Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of nine members appointed by the EBCE Board of Directors. The committee acts as a liaison between key stakeholders and our Board, holding public committee meetings on a regular basis. Visit the Public Meetings page for more information about CAC’s meetings.

The current CAC members are:

NameOrganizationStakeholder CategoryCity of Residence
Rev. Ken ChambersWest Side Missionary Baptist ChurchEnvironmental Justice/Low Income AdvocateOakland
Anne Olivia EldredCalifornia Nurses Assoc./ National Nurses UnitedLabor Union/Public HealthOakland
Jane FranchNumi Organic TeaBusinessBerkeley
Cynthia LandrySEIU Local 1021Labor UnionOakland
Ric O'ConnelGridLabEnergy Advocate/RatepayerBerkeley
Megan O’NeilLocal Clean Energy AllianceEnergy Advocate/RatepayerOakland
Monica PadillaSilicon Valley Clean EnergyEnergy Advocate/RatepayerFremont
Mary SutterGrounded ResearchEnergy Advocate/RatepayerHayward
Brinda ThomasWhisker LabsEnergy Advocate/RatepayerFremont

If you have any questions about the CAC, please feel free to contact Director of Government and Community Affairs, Deidre Sanders at