Bright Choice rates now 3% below PG&E

We've increased the discount for Bright Choice, lowered the premium for Renewable 100, and have a lot more exciting budget news.

Learn more about EBCE's 2022-2023 budget

Create an energy efficient home

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Upgrade your home to become more efficient and save money by saving energy. EBCE supports local communities with recommendations and resources so you can save money on energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to protecting our planet.

Energy Efficiency Programs in Alameda County

Find local resources to help you upgrade your home to save more energy and money.

Home Improvements

BayREN Home+

Get cash rebates for your home improvements, plus certified contractors and support every step of the way. Contact a BayREN Home Energy Advisor at 866-878-6008 to get started.

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Rebates for Energy Savings


Find rebates for energy-efficiency products and appliances.

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Green House Calls

Rising Sun

Get customized recommendations on resource conservation opportunities and new equipment installation tips to help you save energy, water, and money.

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Energy-Efficient Upgrades

EBCE, BlocPower, and

Get help upgrading and electrifying your home with affordable financing options.

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