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Streamlined permits for EV charging

Row of EV chargers on the street.

Reducing complexity to increase electric vehicle adoption

Making convenient charging stations widely available when and where drivers need them is critical. However, the permitting process for installing charging stations has varied widely across the state which has caused delays in installing more charging stations built. In response, the State of California passed AB 1236, which requires all cities and counties to develop an expedited, streamlined permitting process for all levels of charging stations.

EBCE is recognized for its technical assistance

To ensure full compliance with AB1236, EBCE has provides technical assistance to our local government partners to make it easier for charging station developers to apply for permits.

For going above and beyond in our efforts to streamline permitting for charging stations, the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) recogized EBCE with its first-ever ZEVe Award.

“Success with permit streamlining can only take place by bold and determined action at the local level, and this award seeks to honor those trailblazers.” — GO-Biz

GO-Biz maintains the EV Charging Station Permitting Streamlining Map, which tracks AB1236 compliance statewide. This map also links to each community's streamlined permitting process in EBCE’s service area.

Workers discussing plan