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We've increased the discount for Bright Choice, lowered the premium for Renewable 100, and have a lot more exciting budget news.

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EBCE has partnered with Acterra to provide you a chance to try induction cooking—for free!

Induction is the most energy-efficient cooking technology available today. It cooks food faster than traditional stoves and has the power to match. Professional and home chefs appreciate the precise, steady control, wider temperature range, and quick response time they get with induction cooktops. The difference is in the technology. See for yourself.

The Induction Cooktop Lending Program is a way for East Bay residents to borrow and “test drive” induction cooking in their home for free! This program is available to all East Bay residents—EBCE customers as well as non-EBCE customers who receive electric service from PG&E.

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The Induction Lending Kit includes a portable induction cooktop, a compatible pan, cooktop operating instructions, recipes and carrying bag. The loan period is 21 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EBCE is partnering with Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet to implement the Induction Cooktop Lending Program. Acterra is an environmental nonprofit based in Palo Alto which brings people together to create solutions for a healthy planet, focusing on outreach, education, and local action to combat climate change. Acterra will administer the program, including coordination of pick up and drop off of the Induction Lending Kit for program participants.

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