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Induction cooking resources

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Make the switch to induction cooking

Switching to induction is a great way to lower your carbon footprint, but there is a learning curve. The following resources make the adjustment to induction cooking easier:

Induction Resource Kit

Induction Cooking Tips

How-to Videos: Induction Cooktop Operating Instructions

Cooking Videos and Recipes From Renowned Local Chefs

Fun & Easy to Prepare Induction Recipes

Induction Cooking Kit

Every Induction Cooking Kit includes a standard (flat) or wok cooking hob, and a Resource Kit with a letter, operating instructions for standard and wok induction hobs, and recipe cards. Use the links below to download, view or print your induction Resource Kit.

Induction Cooktop Lending Kit

Induction cooking tips

  • Induction stoves heat up quickly. Preheating your pan is not necessary, and you don’t need to wait as long to heat up the pot or pan.
  • You can overcook food because induction cooks fast.
  • When you lift the pan off the cooktop, the power turns off.
  • Magnetic cookware is needed for induction to work. Place a magnet on the bottom of our pan. The stronger the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, the better the cookware will work with induction.

How to Videos: Operating Instructions

Standard (Flat) Cooktop Instructions
Wok Cooktop Instructions

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Cooking Videos & Recipes from top local chefs


Fun and easy-to-prepare induction recipes

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EBCE customers can qualify for a $250 rebate with BayRen for a new induction electric range when replacing an existing gas range.

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