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Integrated Resource Plan

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Integrated Resource Plan

Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) in California is a biennial process in which the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requires load-serving entities (LSEs) to detail the procured and planned resources in their portfolio, along with the associated tactics and timelines, to ensure California has a safe, reliable, and cost-effective electricity supply that is on track to meet state-wide targets for electricity sector greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

EBCE is in the process of analysis and compilation for the 2019-2020 IRP Process. To enable and encourage stakeholder engagement in the IRP design, EBCE held a webinar in December 2019. Since then, EBCE staff have been performing analysis to meet the requirements of the CPUC IRP process and explore alternative scenarios for EBCE’s procurement planning. Once submitted, EBCE’s IRP filings and analysis will be posted here.

EBCEIRP Materials

EBCE CPUC IRP Filing Documentation

EBCE IRP analysis

IRP Process Overview (some IRP parties in attendance)


Slides (PDF)


December 18, 2019Webinar to provide IRP process overview, share modeling assumptions
January-July 2020Develop CPUC IRP
July 2020Community meeting to discuss CPUC IRP
August 2020Finalize IRP Filing
September 1, 2020CPUC IRP Filing deadline
September-October 2020Webinar to summarize IRP results

Note: timeline subject to change


General resources and background information on the Integrated Resource Planning and Long-Term Procurement Planning can be found on the CPUC website, as well as the past and current reporting cycle documents.