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East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is a new public agency formed in 2016 to bring cleaner energy to residents and businesses in participating East Bay communities. Our mission is to provide customers with low carbon, cost effective electricity that integrates innovative energy services and maximizes local benefits through the development of local green energy projects, jobs, and investment opportunities. We are looking for qualified candidates to join our team.

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Director of Power Resources

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is a new Community Choice agency formed to serve 600,000 customer accounts
across Alameda County with an annual load of over 6 TeraWatt Hours, and is seeking experienced, entrepreneurial
candidates to join our growing agency and assume the following responsibilities as the Director of Power Resources. The
Director has responsibility for a wide range of matters to support EBCE resource planning, analysis, and management of
the Utilities’ energy supply portfolio and procurement efforts, including:

  • Portfolio Management: serve as lead portfolio manager for EBCE’s energy load with explicit focus on risk
    management and counterparty engagement
  • Integrated Resource Planning: develop EBCE’s integrated resource plan and procurement strategy to achieve
    very deep de-carbonization in both energy and capacity
  • Local Development: create strategies to scale development of Alameda County located distributed energy
  • Joint Action: lead EBCE’s efforts to establish joint action on energy procurement between Community Choice
  • Innovation: support EBCE’s engagement in innovative initiatives like transportation electrification
    Customer Engagement: developing services for large commercial and industrial customers, with a focus on
    enabling 100% renewable energy products, real-time pricing rate structures, distributed energy services and
    economic development.
  • Team Work: engage closely with the executive team on power procurement strategy and execution and
    collaborate with cross-functional teams, including Regulatory Affairs, Technology & Analytics, and Marketing &
    Account Service

Finance: actively support analysis and negotiations of financings that relate to energy supply.
Regulatory: work closely with the CEO and General Counsel to provide quantitative analysis focused on EBCE’s energy
supply portfolio, EBCE’s load forecast, and broader California energy market conditions, with a particular focus on all
quantitative inputs into the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment. Maintain situational awareness of evolving
legislation, CPUC and CEC regulations, and CAISO rule changes, product definitions and market expansions that impact
EBCE’s requirements, planning and portfolio risk management activities.
Contracts: Has overall responsibility for review of all contracts that the Authority may enter into and is a key member of
contract negotiation team.
Public: represents EBCE in key industry groups focused on energy supply and the California energy market.
Culture: EBCE fosters a culture of open communication, responsibility, curiosity, accountability and caring. As a small
team, cultural fit is key to individual and team success.
Start date: ASAP. Position open until filled. Candidates should send resume with 3 references to
Location/Employment: This position will be based in EBCE headquarters in Oakland. We are in equal opportunity
employer and strongly encourage people of color, women and those who identify as LGBTQ to apply.

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