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Albany, Dublin, Hayward, and Pleasanton are changing their default service plans to Renewable 100 in January.

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Be prepared for the next power outage

When backup power is essential

Elder woman walking next to her husband in a motorized wheelchair.

Even a short-term outage can be life threatening for those dependent on electricity for in-home medical equipment.

More than 10,000 EBCE customers rely on electricity for their essential medical equipment. We are committed to protecting their health and safety. And with the increase in severe weather, wildfires, and the probability of a major earthquake in the coming years, solar and/or battery backup systems are more important than ever before.

Making a plan for the future

EBCE is a public agency committed to serving all of our residents. To do this, we are working to understand the needs of our electricity-dependent residents so we can serve them even better. Currently, EBCE is working with the County of Alameda and local healthcare providers on a plan to increase energy resilience for vulnerable populations and the medical institutions that serve them. This plan is scheduled for completion in 2021.

Get solar and battery backup at home

If you're a homeowner and interested in seeing if solar and/or battery backup is a good fit for you, please visit the Resilient Home program to register for a no-cost site, remote assessment and quote from EBCE’s pre-screened installation partner Sunrun.

Medical Baseline allowance details

Learn more about the Medical Baseline allowance, its benefits, and how to apply by visiting PG&E’s webpage. (Open to those with electricity dependent medical equipment or technologies and who are not yet on the Medical Baseline rate.)

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