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Free expert advice to go all-electric

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Develop new all-electric multifamily buildings with the guidance of respected experts in the field. EBCE has contracted with the Association for Energy Affordability (AEA) to provide assistance for high-rise (4+ story) multifamily projects interested in voluntarily going all-electric.

Get ahead of the curve

Taking the path to all-electric requires expertise and experience. AEA has extensive energy consulting experience on all-electric buildings, including both new construction and retrofits, and can offer assistance such as:

RFQs and RFPs – AEA can help developers develop language for Requests for Qualifications/Proposals to help identify sub-consultants and contractors with all-electric experience.

Gap Analysis – AEA will work with design teams to perform gap analysis of major and minor hurdles to achieving all-electric design so the team can begin addressing each issue systematically.

Design Charrette – Consultants from AEA can facilitate detailed all-electric strategy and design charrettes to help design teams break down silos and develop holistic approaches to building systems electrification.

Equipment Options Analysis – All-electric equipment options may be unfamiliar to some design teams. AEA can help identify options and help teams consider advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.

Equipment Manufacturer Coordination – AEA can connect design teams with manufacturers of all-electric equipment to facilitate design review and assistance from manufacturer representatives. While not intended to replace close engineer coordination with equipment manufacturers, this can be a helpful step in the process.

Electric Water Heating, Space Heating, and Cooking Assistance – AEA can help review electric (heat pump) water heating systems, electric space heating systems, and electric cooking systems for feasibility and performance — and suggest ideas for improvement.

Educate your teams about all-electric

EBCE is offering webinars to developers and design firms interested in learning how to design all-electric multifamily buildings. If you would like to schedule a webinar for your company, please contact us at

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