Net Energy Metering with EBCE

East Bay Community Energy aims to deliver clean, renewable energy to our customers at a competitive rate with a focus on local benefits. Those values are embodied in our commitment to honor the Net Energy Metering (NEM) benefit that PG&E customers receive, as well as future efforts to support and develop more local renewable energy projects. Most NEM customers have installed solar systems on their home or business, but NEM benefits also apply to customers that install small wind, biogas, and fuel cell systems to serve all or a portion of onsite electricity.

EBCE customers that generate electricity at their home or business and are approved for interconnection by PG&E will be automatically enrolled in EBCE’s NEM program. NEM is a program that allows you to receive compensation for the energy that you produce, most likely with your solar panels, and put onto the grid. EBCE provides a monthly bill credit and an annual cash-out to customers who produce more energy than they use over the course of a year. The NEM program encourages our customers to install systems that produce clean, renewable energy.

How it Works

  • Your meter tracks the amount of energy you use versus the amount of energy your system produces
  • When your system produces more energy than you are using at that point in time, the energy is put onto the grid and you receive a bill credit at at least the retail value of each kWh
  • Every April will be the “true up” period when customers who produced more energy during the year than they used will receive a cash-out payment for each kWh
  • Additional monetary benefits may be added in the future for projects that deliver specific local benefits, such as livable wage jobs or energy storage

Ongoing Bill Credit

Customer TypeBill Credit per kWh
Existing NEM Customer as of 6/1/18Retail1
New NEM Customers after 6/1/18Retail
New Low Income and Municipal Customers after 6/1/18Retail + $0.01

1 Equivalent to the generation rate you are charged for power received from EBCE

Annual Payout Credit

Customer TypeAnnual Payout Credit per kWh
Existing NEM Customer as of 6/1/18PG&E Net Surplus Charge (NSC)
New NEM Customers after 6/1/18The greater of Retail capped at $2,500 or PG&E NSC
New Low Income and Municipal Customers after 6/1/18Retail + $0.01

Enrollment Schedule

Enrollment will be based on the PG&E True-Up Date for each customer. Enrollment will be bimonthly beginning January 2019. Customers with NEM service who wish to opt out of EBCE can do so when they receive their enrollment notices in 2019.

Rate Schedule

This policy will apply to all NEM rate schedules, including NEM and NEM2.