Choose 100% Carbon-Free or 100% Renewable Energy

Help pioneer clean, local energy in Alameda County. Your support will help create local jobs and help California combat climate change. Commercial and municipal accounts were automatically enrolled in June 2018. Residential customers will be automatically enrolled in November 2018. Solar customers will be enrolled in 2019 around the time of their annual true-up.

Reduce your carbon footprint and protect future generations when you opt up to Brilliant 100 or Renewable 100.

With Brilliant 100, 100% of your electricity supply will be carbon-free at the same price you already pay with PG&E.

Want to do even more? Choose 100% Renewable and Carbon-Free Energy

By opting up to the Renewable 100 service, you’re taking your energy to a greener level and choosing to power your home or business with 100% renewable and 100% carbon-free energy. That means your energy comes from sources including small hydroelectric, solar, and wind.

Renewable 100 is Green-e Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.Learn more at To view highlights of the conditions of your subscription, see the Price, Terms & Conditions and Prospective Product Content Label.

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