How it Works

Under a local energy model called Community Choice Energy (CCE) that was authorized by California law in 2002, EBCE pools the electric load of participating municipal, commercial, and residential accounts for the purpose of purchasing and developing cleaner power at lower rates.

EBCE partners with the local utility, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). We procure electricity from clean, renewable sources such as solar and wind on behalf of Alameda County residents and businesses. PG&E continues to deliver power, handle customer billing, maintain the power lines, and respond to new service requests and emergencies.

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Your business and home will experience very little change other than knowing that your electricity is cleaner and more affordable than what is currently offered by PG&E and seeing the benefits to your local community. Choosing EBCE is a simple way to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) and meet community climate action goals while also receiving premium service at competitive rates.

Local Benefits

Local focus. Community benefits. EBCE is locally controlled, benefiting Alameda County residents and businesses.

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Competitive Rates

EBCE is different because residents and businesses now have the option of a cleaner power supply with lower rates than what you’re paying with PG&E. Net revenue (after buying power and administrative expenses) will be used to maintain competitive electricity rates, offer incentives, and provide other benefits to you such as local energy programs.

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Stable Rates

EBCE will also strive to provide more stable pricing, helping you better plan your budget. While PG&E transmission and delivery rates may change several times a year, EBCE’s generation rates will generally change only once a year through a public process. That stability and transparency makes it easier to determine household or business electricity expenses.

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Local Investment

EBCE is a locally governed organization run by a staff with energy and utility expertise. Earnings stay in the County, which will create new jobs, new energy programs and investment opportunities including new renewable projects built close to home. Revenue reinvested back into the local community can be used to:

  • Provide larger incentives for net metered rooftop solar and electric vehicle programs
  • Provide rebates and incentives for energy efficiency programs
  • Develop more local renewable energy sources in Alameda County
  • Invest in innovative clean technologies and energy-related job training programs

Customer Enrollment

Commercial customers began service in June 2018, and residential service began in November 2018. Solar customers were enrolled throughout 2019.

EBCE timeline

EBCE timeline