Power Mix

At EBCE, providing cleaner, greener energy at lower rates to our customers is a top priority. Getting your electricity from EBCE is a simple way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meet our community climate action goals. As service begins in June 2018, we will launch with an ambitious power mix goal with higher percentages of renewable energy than PG&E. We will also offer services for customers who want to double-down for the environment and power their homes or businesses with a 100% carbon-free energy option and a 100% renewable energy option.

EBCE is also investing in efforts to create more local sources of renewable energy. This will not only help create local jobs, but help us build a more sustainable future for our communities. But how much of your electricity will come from these sources? What do terms like carbon-free and renewable mean?

Here are some commonly used terms

  • Carbon-free energy – Carbon-free energy refers to energy that, when generated, creates no carbon emissions. Carbon dioxide, which is primarily produced by the burning of fossil fuels for electricity and transportation, is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases1. At EBCE, carbon-free energy comes from large hydropower sources.
  • Renewable energy – Renewable energy is energy that comes from resources that are naturally replenished, create no carbon emissions, and include small hydroelectric, solar, wind, biomass, biowaste, and geothermal sources. At EBCE, renewable energy comes from small hydroelectric, solar, and wind sources.

How much clean and renewable electricity does EBCE provide?
East Bay Community Energy purchases both carbon-free and renewable electricity on behalf of our customers. Each electricity service has a different percentage of carbon-free and renewable energy.

EBCE Bright Choice
Bright Choice is at least 38% renewable and an additional 47% carbon-free
EBCE Brilliant 100
Brilliant 100 is at least 40% renewable and an additional 60% carbon-free
EBCE Renewable 100 logo
Renewable 100 is 100% renewable and carbon-free

Will these services always be the same?
EBCE will begin providing service to customers in 2018 with the services and power mix listed above. Over time, as EBCE generates revenue and matures as a business, we will invest in more renewable energy with the goal of developing local renewable energy projects. The power mix and rates will be set annually – our aim is to include as much renewable energy as possible while maintaining affordable rates.

1 https://www.climatewatchdata.org/ghg-emissions