Residential Programs

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EBCE offers programs that save you money while helping the environment

EBCE’s mission includes making it easier for our customers to transition to clean and local energy, while reducing monthly energy bills. Below is a summary of the programs that we’ve designed to simplify the pathway for you to upgrade appliances, transition to electric transportation, make your home more resilient in a power outage, and more.

Learn about programs for Business and Municipal customers

If you're planning a home energy efficiency upgrade or you have your eye on an EV, EBCE launched an incentive finder to help you navigate the process and find relevant national, state, local, and EBCE-specific incentives for energy efficiency and electrification.

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Make your home energy efficient

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  • Cooking with induction

    Induction cooktops provide precise, steady control, a wider temperature range, quick response times, and no open flames! The difference is induction technology. Upgrade to an induction range and get $250 cash back.
  • Induction Cooktop Lending Program

    Borrow and “test drive” an induction cooktop in the comfort of your home. Free! Reserve your Induction Lending kit today. This program is available to residents living in EBCE’s service area.
  • Heat Pump Water Heater

    EBCE can help you save money when upgrading to a heat pump water heater. Up to $2,000 in incentives are available now. Never light the pilot on your water heater again.
  • Clean power appliances

    Upgrade your home appliances to cleaner, low-carbon alternatives. EBCE connects you with resources and programs to simplify the transition to a healthier home.

Avoid blackouts with energy storage

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  • Medical Baseline backup battery rebate

    Backup electric power should be part of every preparedness plan. Medical Baseline customers can receive $1700 in rebates for a portable battery power station to enhance your emergency preparedness in the event of a grid outage.
  • Resilient Home Program

    See your options for a new solar + battery backup system. Free quote and preferred pricing for EBCE customers. Apply now and receive a $500 gift card from Sunrun after installation.

Need help paying your energy bill?

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  • Arrearage Management Plan (AMP)

    Behind on your energy bill? The AMP bill payment program helps income-qualified customers reduce unpaid electric bill balances up to $8,000.
  • Medical Baseline

    EBCE customers who rely on electricity for medical needs get our lowest rates. Eligibility is dependent on medical condition and/or use of medical devices only—not on income.
  • Energy bill assistance

    Need help paying your energy bill? Here are programs that provide financial assistance.
  • CARE Program

    CARE is a state program that provides low income customers a 35% discount on their electric bill, and a 20% discount on their natural gas bill.

Switch to clean, renewable energy

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  • Net Energy Metering (NEM)

    Earn credits when your solar panels produce more electricity than you consume. EBCE customers receive a cash-out payment annually in April.
  • Resilient Home Program

    See your options for a new solar + battery backup system. Free quote and preferred pricing for EBCE customers. Apply now and receive a $500 gift card from Sunrun after installation.
  • Solar Discount Program

    This income-based program makes solar energy accessible to more people including renters and homes unsuitable for solar rooftop installation. CARE and FERA customers get an additional 20% off their energy bill.

Drive electric and save

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  • Drive electric

    Driving electric is safe and fun. And saves money. EBCE connects you with information, incentives, and rebates to ease the transition to electric vehicles.
  • Smart Charge Pilot

    This pilot supports customers with “managed charging”, which allows a third party to shift the times when your electric vehicle is charging. Eligibility is currently limited and may expand in the future.