Enjoy cleaner energy at lower rates! With EBCE, you don’t have to pay a premium price for premium service. Alameda County residents have the power to choose from three energy service options, making it easier to have cleaner, more renewable energy.


With EBCE, you can choose three different service options, Bright Choice, Brilliant 100, and Renewable 100. Each service has a different price point and level of carbon-free and renewable energy. Additional services may be added in the future. You can also choose to opt-out and return to PG&E at any time.

Most accounts within EBCE’s coverage area were automatically enrolled in EBCE’s Bright Choice service. In an effort to support sustainability goals, certain cities have chosen to enroll customers in their jurisdictions in different services based on customer class and program participation, as indicated in the table below. You are still free to change your service option at any time.

Default Enrollment Service
Jurisdiction Commercial
Customers in CARE,
FERA, and Medical
Baseline Allowance
Albany Brilliant 100 Brilliant 100 Brilliant 100
Hayward Brilliant 100 Brilliant 100 Bright Choice
Piedmont Bright Choice Renewable 100 Brilliant 100
All other jurisdictions* Bright Choice Bright Choice Bright Choice

*Berkeley, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Livermore, Oakland, San Leandro, Union City, and County of Alameda

EBCE Bright Choice

Bright Choice

  • Bright Choice is our standard electric service.
  • Most residents will automatically enroll as Bright Choice customers.
  • Bright Choice offers cleaner energy and 1.5% lower rates than PG&E.
  • Your electricity will come from more renewable sources with lower carbon content than PG&E without having to pay more.

EBCE Brilliant 100

Brilliant 100

  • Brilliant 100 is for those who want to double down for the environment and power their home with 100% carbon-free energy.
  • Residential customers within the cities of Albany and Hayward will be automatically enrolled in Brilliant 100 at the start of service. Customers within Piedmont who participate in CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline programs will also be automatically enrolled in this service.
  • Brilliant 100 is offered at the same price you already pay with PG&E.

EBCE Renewable 100 logo

Renewable 100

  • Renewable 100 is for those who want to do even more for the environment and purchase 100% renewable and carbon-free energy sourced from solar and wind power, generated here in California.
  • Residential customers within Piedmont will be automatically enrolled in Renewable 100 at the start of service.
  • Renewable 100 is offered for one penny per kWh more than you pay with PG&E (about $4 more per month for the average customer).


Here are rate comparisons for a typical residential customer, per the July 2019 Joint Rate Comparison.

 Bright ChoiceBrilliant 100Renewable 100PG&EPG&E SolarChoice
Average Monthly Bill ($)88.5889.2192.8089.2191.58
Generation Rate ($/kWh)0.085370.087130.097130.117570.09436
PG&E Delivery Rate ($/kWh)0.130940.130940.130940.130940.13094
PG&E PCIA/FF ($/kWh)0.030440.030440.03044N/A0.02979
Total Electricity Cost ($/kWh)0.246750.248510.258510.248510.25509
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