Bill Protection for Time-of-Use Rates

In May 2021, most residential electricity customers in Alameda County were placed on Time of Use rates as part of a statewide transition to support more renewable energy. The transition included a year of bill protection, which has now concluded.

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Municipal Programs

Keeping essential services running

Firetrucks are a firestation in Fremont, California

As a public agency, we are committed to making sure that people in our communities have access to essential services during a grid outage. We are supporting our public agency partners in this effort. Under a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, EBCE is assessing the feasibility of solar and battery backup installations at critical facilities in Alameda County.

What type of critical facility is included?

  • Police and fire stations

  • Community centers

  • Libraries

  • Schools

  • Office / Administrative

  • Emergency Operation Centers

Under a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, EBCE is exploring the feasibility of solar and/or battery backup systems at critical municipal facilities in Alameda County. The goal of this project is to enable EBCE and its local government partners to better support the community during a grid outage.

To reduce the cost and complexity associated with deploying solar and/or battery backup installations, EBCE will issue a competitive solicitation on behalf of its local government partners by early 2021 for experienced installation partners and discounted pricing.

Planning for the future

The next step for the project is aggregating the critical facilities under review, and then putting out an RFP for vendors and pricing in early 2021.

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A fleet of EV cars charging.