Bright Choice rates now 3% below PG&E

We've increased the discount for Bright Choice, lowered the premium for Renewable 100, and have a lot more exciting budget news.

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Get affordable solar and battery backup

Solar energy and battery backup storage programs for residential customers

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Electricity is essential for your day-to-day life. Don’t get caught without it. When the power goes off at home either unexpectedly or as the result of a planned power shutoff, EBCE’s programs can help you get prepared with clean, safe, and resilient energy systems.

Keep the lights on with EBCE’s new Resilient Home Program

Installing solar and/or battery backup systems can help you save on energy costs everyday, and prepare for power outages.

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Solar and backup storage programs for residents

Working with municipal facilities

In collaboration with its local government partners, EBCE is assessing the potential for solar and/or battery backup to serve critical loads at key public facilities in Alameda County.

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