East Bay Community Energy Launches!

After years of planning and preparation, and countless hours of hard work by hundreds of stakeholders, East Bay Community Energy has officially launched!

We began serving commercial, industrial, and public accounts on June 1. Those 55,000 customers consume about 63 percent of the total energy we will serve when fully operational.

Residential customers, about 37 percent of our load, started getting service on November 1. We are initially serving about 500,000 customers, or about 1.5 million residents of Alameda County.

While launching our service of clean, green energy has been our number one priority, we have a host of other activities underway and coming soon.  Our Local Development Business Plan spells out an aggressive set of options for local energy projects, including energy efficiency, demand response, distributed renewables, and vehicle electrification.

Stay tuned as we roll out these and other programs and policies. To track our progress sign up for our mailing list here, follow us on LinkedIn, and follow our CEO Nick Chaset on Twitter.

Customers Are Opting Up to Cleaner Energy

EBCE serves clean energy, but customers can opt up to even cleaner choices, through the Brilliant 100 and Renewable 100 options.

Our three levels of power products have different mixes of renewable and carbon-free sources. (By “renewable” we mean sources that are eligible for the state renewables portfolio standard, like wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and small hydropower. Our “carbon-free” power is from large hydropower).

Bright Choice is at least 38% renewable plus 47% carbon-free, and is currently priced 1.5% below PG&E’s generation rates.  Brilliant 100 is at least 40% renewable and an additional 60% carbon-free, and is priced on par with PG&E. Renewable 100 is entirely from in-state RPS-eligible renewables.  Renewable 100 has a premium of 1 cent per kilowatt-hour above PG&E rates.

And customers are already opting up to greener energy. The Piedmont City Council voted earlier this year to enroll all residential accounts in Renewable 100.  By opting up, they said, “our community will make significant steps towards reaching the greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets of our recently-adopted Climate Action Plan 2.0.”

Hayward and Albany have opted for Brilliant 100 for all accounts, both residential and non-residential. 

Businesses too are opting up to help do their part to save the planet.  Schnitzer Steel, Roam Artisan Burgers, and Numi Tea are just a few that have voluntarily opted up to Brilliant 100.

One of the largest customers in the East Bay, U.C. Berkeley, is opting for Brilliant 100. The statewide University of California system announced on September 4 that all ten U.C. campuses and five medical centers will switch to zero-carbon power by 2025.