Time of Use Rates

PG&E and EBCE offer rate plan options based on how much electricity you use and when you use it. Time-of-use (TOU) rates offer different prices based on the time of day.

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Choosing the Right Rate

We encourage you to make sure you’re on the best rate for your energy use patterns. PG&E provides a rate comparison tool, which allows you to see how your bill could change on a new rate plan. After you’ve reviewed your options, you can change your rate on PGE.com. PG&E will tell EBCE that you’ve changed your rate plan and you’ll soon see your updated rate plan for both delivery (PG&E) and generation (EBCE). EBCE's charges for generation service will be on the same schedule as PG&E's charges.

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Rate Options

Most residential TOU rates have two time periods - peak, when energy is more expensive, and off-peak when energy is cheaper. Electric vehicle rates are a little different and have an off-peak time, too. This table shows the most common residential rates offered as of June 2020:

Rate PlanKey Highlights
E-TOU-CPeak hours from 4pm to 9pm every day
E-TOU-DPeak hours 5pm to 8pm on non-holiday weekdays. This rate does not offer a baseline credit and is not compatible with the CARE discount program. Higher energy users may benefit from this rate.
EV2ARequires that a registered battery electric vehicle or battery hybrid electric vehicle is charged at this residence. Peak hours from 4pm to 9pm every day. Partial-peak 3pm to 4pm and 9pm to 12am. Off-peak all other hours.
E-1Rates are the same, regardless of time of day. Prices increase as usage increases.

Ways to Save Money

Save on a TOU plan by:

  • Turn it off - the conservation measures we learn in kindergarten apply today. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

  • Be energy efficient - when purchasing new appliances and lighting for your home, look for the Energy Star logo. These products will help you reduce your energy use.

  • Use the timer feature on your appliances. Many washing machines and dishwashers have a delay start feature. Set the cycle to begin outside of peak hours.


If you have air conditioning, pre-cool your home early in the day. Program your thermostat to allow a higher temperature during peak pricing times (4-9pm).


Program your thermostat so the heat is not running when you are not at home. Consider wearing another layer instead of turning the thermostat to a higher temperature.

Transition Schedule

  • Alameda County residential transition - May 2021

  • San Joaquin County residential transition (including City of Tracy) - November 2021

  • Solar net energy metered (NEM) customers not already on TOU rates will begin their TOU transition in January 2021.

If Your Rate Was Automatically Transitioned to TOU-C

Bill protection

  • Bill protection is a means of helping the transition from a flat rate (E1-) to a new time-of-use rate; it provides a level of insurance to our customers as they are transitioned from E-1 to TOU-C.

    • If you remain on TOU-C and with EBCE for 12 months, EBCE will calculate the difference between your generation charges on TOU-C and on E-1. If you would have paid less on E-1, EBCE will provide you with a credit on your PG&E/EBCE bill.

    • If you close your account prior to 12 months, please contact us by email at customer-support@ebce.org or call us at 1-833-699-EBCE (3223) and speak with a live representative M-F 7AM–7PM so we may calculate your bill difference and send a check if you paid more with TOU-C.

  • Customers that opt-out of EBCE service, or change to a different rate, during the first 12 months on the new TOU-C rate will not be eligible for bill protection with EBCE.

Why am I being transitioned to TOU-C?

The California Public Utilities Commission requests that all Californians reduce energy use from 4PM to 9PM when energy demand is high and less clean energy is available. Time of use pricing helps us all remember when to use less energy.

See Energy Upgrade California for more information and resources:


How do I go back to E-1?

PG&E maintains your rate schedule of record. You may return to your old rate by calling PG&E at 1-800-743-5000, or online at PGE.com.