Time-of-Use Rates

Residents can now help California increase renewable energy use and save money by using Time-of-Use (TOU) Rates.

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As California is moving toward our energy goals, we can help out and save money by using less energy during “peak” energy usage times. During the day, our renewable energy sources are plentiful! But, we need a lot more energy later in the day when the sun is going down—typically between 4–9PM. By shifting heavy energy usage to “off-peak” times, we can collectively benefit cleaner energy sources and save money.

Choosing the Right TOU Rate Plan

In May 2021, PG&E automatically transitioned most EBCE residential customers in Alameda County to TOU rates. Residential customers in Tracy were transitioned to Time of Use rates in April 2022. But you still have options! Below is an overview of the TOU rate plans PG&E is offering. The default plan residents were migrated to is TOU-C. You can change your TOU rate through PG&E at any time. If you change your TOU rate plan, PG&E will notify EBCE and you’ll soon see your updated rate plan for both delivery (PG&E) and generation (EBCE). EBCE’s charges for generation service will be on the same schedule as PG&E’s charges.

EBCE customers' plans will align with the TOU rate plan they adapt, and will maintain comparison to PG&E's pricing: Bright Choice is always 1% cheaper than PG&E and Renewable100 is always 1 cent/kWh above PG&E. Whatever rate schedule you choose, that is our value proposition.

Rate details for E-TOU-C

PG&E customers in Alameda County were transitioned to TOU rates in May 2021, and the default plan for most residential customers is E-TOU-C. Residential customers in Tracy were placed on TOU rates in April 2022.


Rates during Peak times, 4-9PM, are 17% higher than Off-Peak times.


Rates during Peak times, 4-9PM, are 6% higher than Off-Peak times



Ways to Save Money

Turn it off - the conservation measures we learn in kindergarten apply today. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Be energy efficient - when purchasing new appliances and lighting for your home, look for the Energy Star logo. These products will help you reduce your energy use.

Use the timer feature on your appliances. Many washing machines and dishwashers have a delay start feature. Set the cycle to begin outside of peak hours. Don't have a smart appliance? You can get a smart plug that provides a timer feature. Find out more about smart plugs here.

Install a solar + battery system to shift energy use away from peak hours. For an extra $1,250 incentive, see EBCE's Resilient Home program.


If you have air conditioning, pre-cool your home early in the day. Program your thermostat to allow a higher temperature during peak pricing times (4-9 PM).


Program your thermostat so the heat is not running when you are not at home. Consider wearing another layer instead of turning the thermostat to a higher temperature.

If Your Rate Was Automatically Transitioned to E-TOU-C

Bill protection is a means of helping the transition from a flat rate (E-1) to a new Time-of-Use rate; it provides a level of insurance to our customers as they are transitioned from E-1 to E-TOU-C.

  • If you remain on E-TOU-C and with EBCE for 12 months, EBCE will calculate the difference between your generation charges on E-TOU-C and on E-1. If you would have paid less on E-1, EBCE will provide you with a credit on your PG&E/EBCE bill.
  • If you close your account prior to 12 months, or before the bill protection credit has been applied in month 13 or 14, please contact us by email at or call us at 1-833-699-EBCE (3223) and speak with a live representative on weekdays 9AM–5PM so we may calculate your bill difference and send a check if you paid more with E-TOU-C.
  • Customers change to a different rate during the first 12 months on the new E-TOU-C rate will not be eligible for bill protection with EBCE.
  • Customers that opt-out of EBCE's service during the first 12 months on the new E-TOU-C rate, or opt-out prior to the bill protection credit on month 13 or 14 will not be eligible for bill protection with EBCE.

Frequently Asked Questions