High Energy Bill This Month?

Many customers are noticing higher than expected energy bills right now. Customers in PG&E's service area have increased electricity rates during the summer season (June - September). Please contact us and we'll happily go over the details of your bill with you.

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Sanjay Subramanian

Data Engineer

Sanjay grew up (as the fourth generation child) in a small and beautiful steel manufacturing town called Jamshedpur in eastern India. He attended schools and colleges in India and enjoyed a professional career in India for many years before moving to the Bay Area at the beginning of this century. He enjoyed working as a data engineer for companies such as Coremetrics, SmartZip Analytics, Nextag, and NextRoll prior to joining EBCE. Sanjay looks forward to teaching himself something new and learning/improving everyday. Music (guitars,blues,vocals) and photography are his serious passions outside of work! He dedicates spare time to research of medicine adverse events. To the community, Sanjay has dedicated an IOS App ”MedicalSideFx“ and a book - ”A Technical Guide to Adverse Events Analytics using Apache Hive“

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