Opting out means you’ll no longer receive cleaner electricity at lower rates. Those who prefer to have PG&E continue to buy their electricity can choose that option. During the EBCE launch period, you will receive enrollment notices about how to “opt out” of EBCE. You can opt out by mail, phone or on this website. For two months before launch and two months after service begins there’s no charge to opt out and remain with PG&E. After the initial launch, you can return to PG&E at any time for a small fee. Once you opt out of EBCE, you must remain a PG&E customer for at least 12 months before you can return to EBCE and access cleaner, cheaper power.

If you’re considering opting out of EBCE and want more information, you can visit our FAQs here or you can reach us directly by ___________________. Businesses that choose to opt out after the enrollment period will be subject to a special rate tariff from PG&E. Call us to learn more to be fully informed when making this decision.

Complete the form below to opt-out of EBCE service and stay with to PG&E.