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East Bay Community Energy, also known as EBCE, is the new local electricity supplier in Alameda County. EBCE will provide cleaner, greener energy at competitive rates to our customers. EBCE will reinvest earnings back into the community to create local green energy jobs, local programs, and clean power projects.

In Alameda County, we know powerful and lasting change comes from the ground up. That’s why the County and 11 of its cities have come together to create a cleaner, greener energy supply for our communities. EBCE member cities include Albany, Berkeley, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Livermore, Oakland, Piedmont, San Leandro, and Union City.

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EBCE Rates Update
Effective July 1, PG&E has slightly increased its rates. EBCE is updating our rates in order to retain our current value proposition. Accounts on EBCE’s Bright Choice service will continue to receive a 1.5% discount to PG&E’s new rates, EBCE’s Brilliant 100 will be priced at parity with PG&E’s new rates, and EBCE’s Renewable 100 will still be an additional $0.01/kWh. To see updated rates, please see our rate sheets

EBCE expands its renewable energy and storage portfolio with three new contracts
Three new contracts have been approved by EBCE’s Board on July 17, 2019, including an energy storage contract on low-income housing. Sunrun, Inc. will develop several megawatts of solar and more than two megawatt-hours of batteries on more than 500 low-income housing units by 2022. See more here.


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Local Benefits

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Lower Rates

EBCE offers a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy service with rates that are competitive or better than PG&E. We’re committed to keeping costs as low as possible for all of our customers.

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Local Investment

As a not-for-profit public agency, EBCE is accountable to its communities and customers. EBCE will reinvest earnings back into the community to create local green energy jobs, local programs, and clean power projects.

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Choosing renewable and carbon-free energy is an easy, economical way to reduce your carbon footprint. EBCE is the single most effective service for cities to reach their climate action goals.

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Your power. Your choice. Customers will have a choice of three clean power services—each with a different percentage of renewable and carbon-free electricity, including a 100% clean energy option!

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