Public Meetings

Community Advisory committee Meeting - 1/16/2018

Altamont Pass

The next meeting of the EBCE Community Advisory Committee will be held on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, at 7 p.m., at Hayward City Hall, Conference Room C1 777 B. Street, Hayward, CA

The public is encouraged to attend. The individual agenda and minutes are available below. Please see the Board agenda attachments for CAC items 5 – 17.


  • Agenda (PDF)
  • Item 3: Minutes from the December 4, 2017, CAC Meeting (PDF)
  • Item 4: Chair’s Report
  • Item 5: CEO Report
  • Item 6: Approval of Contract with Weideman Group for Legislative Advocacy and Advisory Services
  • Item 7: Designation of the CEO as Personnel Officer and Authorization to Approve and Adopt Employee Handbook
  • Item 8: Amend the Conflict of Interest Code
  • Item 9: Approve EBCE Customer Confidentiality Policy
  • Item 10: Approval of Administrative and Operational Policies
  • Item 11: EBCE Risk Policy and Risk Guidelines Update
  • Item 12: Power Supply Procurement and Hedging
  • Item 13: EBCE Rate
  • Item 14: Alameda County Local Clean Energy Projects Request for Proposals
  • Item 15: Discussion of Brilliant 100 and Offering a Third Energy Product
  • Item 16: Standard Power Purchase Agreements and Confirms
  • Item 17: Formation of EBCE Executive Committee