Our Power Projects

When EBCE launched our electricity service in 2018, we had to purchase all of our power from existing power plants. That is the only way that a large Community Choice Energy provider like EBCE can get started, given the scale of our operations. Through 2020, EBCE has been purchasing power primarily from existing hydropower, wind, and solar facilities (see our Power Content Label for details), and purchasing the balance in the spot market as needed to meet demand.

EBCE’s goal is to buy power from renewable energy facilities in California that are built to supply our customers. Toward that end, in the year after launching, EBCE signed nine contracts to develop wind, solar, and energy storage projects that are now being built in California to serve EBCE customers specifically. EBCE continues to expand the portfolio of projects that will provide our local energy customers with greener power at lower rates. A list of our contracted facilities is below. We will update this table periodically, and plan to include photos and video of the projects in their various stages of development.


DeveloperTechnologyNameplate MWStorage MWCountyExpected CompletionTerm (years)
Altamont WindsWind57.5N/AAlameda12/1/202020
Clearway Energy GroupSolar112N/AKern12/31/202015
Solar Frontier AmericasSolar56N/ATulare12/31/202115
EDPR Renewables North AmericaSolar + Storage10030Fresno12/31/202220
sPowerSolar + Storage12580SoCal12/31/202220
Terra-GenSolar + Virtual Storage100TBDKern12/31/202215


DeveloperTechnologyNameplate MWStorage MWCountyExpected CompletionTerm (years)
Clearway Energy GroupWind43N/AAlameda12/31/202115
Brookfield Renewable PartnersWind80N/AAlameda12/31/202120

Oakland Clean Energy Initiative

DeveloperTechnologyNameplate MWStorage MWCountyExpected CompletionTerm (years)
Vistra EnergyIn front of meter storage and resource adequacy36.2536.25Alameda1/1/202210
esVoltaIn front of meter storage and resource adequacy77Alameda12/1/202113
SunRunBehind the meter storage and resource adequacy0.50.5Alameda1/1/202210