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EBCE is in the process of amending its Conflict of Interest Code. The proposed amendment to the Code updates the code reviewing agency, adds four new positions that require economic disclosures, renames the titles of previously designated positions, and deletes positions that have been eliminated.

Copies of the proposed amendment will be made available to interested persons. Please submit your request to

Written comments concerning the proposed amendment may be submitted to no later than 4:00 p.m. on October 18, 2020.

Any interested person may request a public hearing. This request must be made no later than October 3, 2020. Please submit your request to

If you have any questions about the proposed amendment, please contact the Clerk of the Board at 510.736.4981.

Upcoming Events

Check back for upcoming events. As of March 11, 2020 EBCE is curtailing staff participation in near-term community events to reduce potential employee exposure to the coronavirus. We will update this web page regularly.

EBCE In The News

October 14, 2020Press ReleaseEBCE and Renewable Energy Partners Announce 3rd Round of COVID Relief Grants to Power the Clean Energy Workforce in California
September 1, 2020NewsCalifornia’s three big utility companies stand in the way of consumer choice
August 3, 2020NewsEast Bay Community Energy, Sunrun to install battery backup systems for Bay Area residents
July 30, 2020NewsSunrun Lands Contract for 20MW Backup Battery-Solar Project in Blackout-Prone California
July 30, 2020Press ReleaseEBCE Launches First-of-its-kind Home Battery Backup Program
June 16, 2020Press ReleaseEBCE Statement on Racism
May 28, 2020BlogNew Cities Join EBCE
May 28, 2020BlogFaces of EBCE: Board Member Melissa Hernandez of Dublin
May 28, 2020BlogEBCE Pitches In On Building and Transportation Task Forces
May 28, 2020BlogData Corner: How the Pandemic Has Affected EBCE Load
May 27, 2020BlogEBCE Launches 1.5 Million COVID-19 Relief Effort
May 27, 2020BlogEBCE Helps Customers Struggling to Pay Bills During Pandemic
May 27, 2020BlogNews Clips
May 19, 2020Press ReleaseEBCE and Clearway Energy Group Announce Partnership to Support Local COVID-19 Relief Efforts
May 5, 2020Press ReleaseEBCE Encourages Customers to Enroll in Energy Bill Discount Program
April 30, 2020Press ReleaseEBCE Awards $220,000, in Grants to Support Local COVID-19 Relief Efforts
April 29, 2020NewsHow Bay Area “Community Choice” Energy Programs are Supporting Us During COVID-19
April 20, 2020Press ReleaseCorporate Partners Double EBCE’s Donation to Local Food Charities
April 16, 2020NewsPG&E Proposes Lithium-Ion Battery Projects to Replace Oakland Fossil Fuel Plant
April 15, 2020Press ReleaseVistra Announces Expansion of Previously Announced Oakland Battery Energy Storage Facility
April 2, 2020Press ReleaseEBCE Launches 1.5 Million COVID-19 Relief Effort
March 20, 2020Press ReleaseEBCE Temporarily Suspends Customer Collection Activities
March 12, 2020BlogEBCE Goes Shopping For Clean Energy
March 12, 2020BlogFull Disclosure: EBCE Is Greener
March 12, 2020BlogFaces of EBCE — Annie Henderson
March 12, 2020BlogMyth Of The Month: Gas Generators Are Needed For Reliability
March 12, 2020BlogNews Clips
March 12, 2020BlogEBCE Staff Recognized By Governors Office For Electric Vehicle Work
November 28, 2019NewsEBCE to Provide Aid for Medically Dependent Customers Facing Power Outage Threats
November 22, 2019NewsAn Inside Look at a Groundbreaking Solar-Storage Procurement in California
November 20, 2019Press ReleaseEBCE Approves $500,000 for Program to Support Customers With Medical Need for Reliable Electricity
November 15, 2019Press ReleaseEast Bay Community Energy Awards Two Local Community-Based Organizations to Help Alameda County Residents Enroll in CARE and FERA Programs
November 15, 2019NewsA Good Trade to Keep the Lights on in San Francisco’s Bay Area
November 5, 2019Press ReleaseFour Bay Area Community Energy Agencies Kick Off New Program to Provide Local Resiliency
November 5, 2019NewsBay Area CCAs Solicit 30MW of Distributed Batteries to Weather Grid Outages
November 5, 2019NewsPG&E Outages Prompt Clean Energy Programs to Focus on Solar, Batteries
October 29, 2019NewsCalifornia’s Blackouts Could Make Fighting Climate Change Even Harder
October 8, 2019BlogThe Future of Building is Electric
October 8, 2019BlogFaces of EBCE — Dan Kalb
October 8, 2019BlogPower Shutoffs To Prevent Wildfires Put A Premium On Energy Resilience
October 8, 2019BlogMyth Of The Month: Cleaning Up The Power System Means Solving Global Warming
October 8, 2019BlogData Corner: Getting To Know Our Customers, Statistically
October 8, 2019BlogNews Clips
September 27, 2019Press ReleaseEBCE Expands Its Renewable Energy and Storage Portfolio with Two New Contracts and Memorandum of Understanding
September 18, 2019NewsPG&E Alternative Headed to Pleasanton Residents, Businesses
July 19, 2019Press ReleaseEast Bay Community Energy Awards Six Non-Profits for Projects that Bring Community Benefits to Alameda County
July 18, 2019NewsSunrun Wins Another Capacity Contract for Aggregated Home Storage
July 17, 2019Press ReleaseEBCE Expands Its Renewable Energy and Storage Portfolio with Three New Contracts
July 10, 2019NewsSolar Firms Heating Up in the Valley
July 8, 2019NewsThe New Kid on the Block: CCAS Face Credit, Other Challenges to Lead California’s Renewable Energy Growth
July 4, 2019NewsFirst Comes Renewable Energy, Then Comes Battery Storage, Then Comes???
July 3, 2019NewsThat Old Gas Stove is Not Your Friend
July 2, 2019BlogEBCE Signs New Power Contracts
July 2, 2019BlogCommunity Innovation Grant Winners
July 2, 2019BlogFaces of EBCE — Howard Chang
July 2, 2019BlogMyth of the Month: How Can CCA Rates Be Lower Than Investor Owned Utilities?
July 2, 2019BlogNews Clips
June 27, 2019NewsClean Power Non-Profit to Use Altamont Wind as Source
June 26, 2019NewsOakland to Swap Jet-Fuel-Burning Peaker Plant for Urban Battery
June 25, 2019Press ReleaseEBCE Signs Over 200 Megawatts of New Renewable Energy Generation and 50 Megawatts of Energy Storage, All Located in California
June 24, 2019NewsMore Wind & Solar Power Coming Online for East Bay Electricity Customers
June 19, 2019Press ReleaseEBCE Green Lights Over 155 MW of New Renewable Energy Projects and 30 MW of Energy Storage
June 5, 2019Press ReleaseEBCE Approves Resource Adequacy Contract with Vistra Energy for New Battery Energy Storage Project, Paving Way for Shut Down of Fossil Fuel-Fired Power Plant In Oakland
June 5, 2019NewsAgency’s Effort to Retire Oakland Power Plant Moves Forward
May 29, 2019BlogEBCE Repays $4.7 Million Startup Loan From Alameda County
May 29, 2019BlogFaces of EBCE — Dianne Martinez
May 29, 2019BlogGoing Local
May 29, 2019BlogMyth Of The Month: The Adequacy Of “Resource Adequacy”
May 29, 2019BlogEBCE Starts Service to Solar Customers
May 29, 2019BlogNews Clips (April-May)
April 18, 2019Press ReleaseEast Bay Community Energy Launches $160K Community Innovation Grant Program to Award Up to $40,000 for Energy-Related Projects
April 15, 2019NewsRenewable Procurement Gaps Pose Risk for California’s Climate Goals, But What Solution is Best
April 9, 2019NewsThe Hurricanes of the West — Wildfires — Spur More Microgrids in California
March 18, 2019NewsInside California’s Community Solar Experiment
March 8, 2019BlogRedefining Disadvantaged Communities
March 8, 2019BlogEBCE Goes On Tour To Meet The Community
March 8, 2019BlogFaces Of EBCE: Kelly Birdwell Brezovec
March 8, 2019BlogBig Data Means More Efficient, More Effective Service
March 8, 2019BlogIn the News
February 26, 2019Press ReleaseLocal Power Agency Makes $4.7 Million Repayment to Alameda County
February 25, 2019NewsBusting the Myth that CCAS Don’t Sign Long-Term Renewable Energy Contracts
February 18, 2019NewsCommunity Choice Groups Push for PG&E to Leave the Power Generation Business
February 8, 2019Press ReleaseEast Bay Community Energy Saves Alameda County Customers $3M in First 6 Months of Service
January 25, 2019NewsHere’s How Local Governments are Replacing California’s Biggest Utilities
January 9, 2019NewsState Threatens Viability of East Bay Green Energy Program
January 7, 2019BlogEBCE Launches With Half A Million Customers
January 7, 2019BlogMyth Of The Month: CCAS Don't Sign Long-Term Re Contracts
January 7, 2019BlogFaces Of EBCE: Scott Haggerty
January 7, 2019BlogEBCE Runs Demand Response Pilot Program
January 7, 2019BlogIn The News
November 15, 2018NewsEBCE Launches Clean Electricity to Residential Customers
November 14, 2018BlogEast Bay Community Energy Launches!
November 14, 2018BlogRelief Is On The Way For West Oakland Air Quality
November 14, 2018BlogCustomers are Opting Up To Cleaner Energy
November 13, 2018NewsNew Energy Provider Begins this Month in Alameda County
November 13, 2018BlogFaces of EBCE — Nick Chaset
November 12, 2018BlogIn The News
November 9, 2018Press ReleaseAlameda County’s New Electricity Provider – East Bay Community Energy Launches Clean Electricity to Residential Customers
October 25, 2018NewsCalifornia Regulators Prod Utilities to Start Drafting Roadmap to 100% Clean Energy
October 12, 2018NewsAlameda County Residents Can Leave PG&E for Another Power Company Next Month
July 19, 2018Press ReleaseEBCE Introduced Local Development Business Plan to Board
July 4, 2018NewsEast Bay Community Energy Wants to Power the Community
June 14, 2018NewsGreener Energy Coming to 11 Alameda County Cities
June 13, 2018NewsCommunity Choice to Determine California’s Energy Future
April 27, 2018NewsBerkeley to Get a Little Greener with New Alternative to PG&E
April 18, 2018Press ReleaseEBCE to Launch For Commercial Customers in June
April 18, 2018NewsEast Bay Community Energy to Replace PG&E as Berkeley’s Main Electricity Provider
April 13, 2018Press ReleaseEBCE Released Solicitation for Oakland Clean Energy Initiative
March 29, 2018NewsPG&E’s Local Clean Energy Plan Gets Regulatory Nod
March 29, 2018NewsThe Dinosaur That Wouldn't Die

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